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high quality rowing equipment for rowers by rowers
Location Wädenswil, Switzerland

aurum is the brand a swiss company specialising in high quality sports clothing that does not only look good, but also feels good.

The line of premium rowing apparel has been developed and designed with the special requirements of this dynamic and powerful sport in mind.


aurum mission

the delight in performance

Because, after all – Rowing is a matter of passion…

we go for aurum

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Product developments

Made of light, breathable high quality fabrics, the apparel provides for excellent mobility, is moisture-wicking for cool, dry comfort, offers extended durability and withstands extreme weather conditions.

Innovative rowing outfits that are not only functional and comfortable but also stylish and fun.


Custom kit

aurum is the kit supplier to the Swiss Rowing Team, to many Swiss domestic rowing clubs and university teams.

Replica kit

The company produces a range of replica kit for some of the larger national teams.

Boat bags

Supplier of personalized boat bags and (back-)wing rigger bags manufactured by DiBi.


Webshop or visit the aurum sales booth at swiss rowing regattas

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