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Caius Boat Club

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Caius Boat Club
Founded 1827
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The boat club of Gonville and Caius College at the University of Cambridge. The alumni club is known simply as Gonville Boat Club.


Recent successes and developments

Head of the River Race 2012:

  • 73rd place, Caius I, 00:19:10.96
  • 209th place, Caius II, 00:20:01.99

Women's Eights Head of the River Race 2012:

  • 98th place, Caius B, 00:22:36.33
  • 221st place, Caius A, 00:24:24.86

Wallingford Regatta Finals 2012:

  • 3rd place, IM3.8+
  • 6th place, W.IM2.8+

Current Holders of the Lents and Mays Headships, the most important prizes in Cambridge College Rowing. The 1st VIII is unbeaten by any Cambridge College since June 2010.



Only members of the college are eligible to join. Members of the college are also then eligible to row for Cambridge University Boat Club


Squads, training schedule intensity, key regattas in calendar, coaching and support

Training camps

Winter Camp in Chester. Seatracing in Peterborough. Sparring in Ely.


Sole ownership of historic boathouse on the river Cam. Full weights gym, upstairs erg room, separate male and female changing.


2010 Empacher VIII: The Jack McDonald. 3 Vespoli Eights and Janousek training boats for lower crews. new Empacher women's four. Full range of new Wintech pairs and other small boats for all weight ranges.


Racking for 1x is available for members upon discussion with the boatman.


Funded by the college and its generous alumni, Caius Boat Club is lucky to be one of the best funded Cambridge college clubs.


The boat club also functions in a social capacity, holding termly dinners as well as "swaps" with the crews of other colleges. It also runs open days and dinners for Alumni.


An elected Captain and two vice captains and secretary preside over a volunteer committee. All of this is overseen by a Senior Treasurer and president with ties to the club.


The club was founded in 1827, and so is one fo the oldest rowing clubs in the world. The history has been recorded extensively, and the club's archives as well as excerpts from published accounts of its history are available on the club's website.

Henley appearances

Historically Caius have won the Visitors, Wyfold, Temple, Stewards and had oarsmen in winning crews in the Grand and Ladies Plate.

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