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Hyndsight Vision Systems

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Hyndsight Vision Systems
Rower Safety Through Innovation
Location Peterborough, NH
Founded 2012

A wireless waterproof in-boat camera and monitor system, for use on rowing sculls and other nautical vessels to provide a view of where you are going to improve safety on the waterways.



Melissa A. Thompson CEO

Hyndsight Vision Systems

59 Pine Street

Peterborough, NH 03458

  • 1-603-924-1334

Product developments

Hyndsight Vision is the first product of its kind designed to assist rowers in visualizing where they are going without having to turn and look over their shoulders or wear a tiny mirror on their head. The Hyndsight Vision System is a patented camera and monitor enabling rowers a clear and unobstructed view of other boats and objects.

The Hyndsight Vision System is a rugged, rechargeable battery operated, water proof camera mounted on the bow of the boat with a wire-less connection to a monitor located at the foot stretcher or cockpit near the individual who steers the boat. The product provides 120 degrees of visualization and in excess of 300 feet of visual distance from the tip of the bow with accurate depth of field for rower safety.

The company currently has distributors in the United States and Australia with additional distributors coming soon in the Netherlands,United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa

Made under licence

Hyndsight has a registered trademark patent with the USPTO. The company is Delaware Corporation.

Agents and distributors

Hyndsight Australia Andrew Cleary, 166 Victoria st, North Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 3215
  • +61 0418 599125

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