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Little River Marine

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Little River Marine
Builders of over 10,000 adventure rowing craft
Location Gainesville, FL
Founded 1977

Little River Marine manufactures recreational rowing boats and racing boats. A variety of additional products are available, including oars, trailers, covers and replacement parts.


Company overview

Little River has been designing and building shells since 1977, and is owned and managed by Bill Larson. The company website declares that Little River is ''the largest builder of recreational sliding seat boats in America.''

Product developments

The boats are built of lightweight fibreglass with fold-in riggers on Heritage models and a Universal Pitch system on oar locks.


Little River Marine manufactures skiffs, recreational rowing boats and racing shells.

Recreational rowing boats

The company designs and produces three types of sculling skiffs and one yacht tender, as well as the sculling shells aimed at the recreational market (see below).

Racing boats / fine boats

Little River Marine offers three entry level and open water shells, designed to different specifications. The company also produces one open water double (2x). Designed for competition, one open water racer and one stiff rowing shell (1x) is available at the higher end.

Oars and sculls

The company manufactures carbon fibre spoon and hatchet sculling blades. They also manufacture a wooden sculling oar for Heritage model craft. A complete range of spare parts is available, including grips, gates, buttons and pins.

Other products

Lifts, pontoons and docks

Two types of pontoon for boat launching are on offer: a lift with a hand-operated winch, and a low profile floating dock. These can be purchased as individual units by private individuals if appropriate.

Canvas boat bags

The 'sock' style boat bags come with a full length zip and are built to fit Little River Marine rowing boats. For racing shells, these are available for a single (1x) and double (2x). The boat covers are known as shell covers and sea shell covers.


Trailers and trollies/dollies

Several types of trailers are on offer, made to fit skiffs and shells respectively. Spare parts are also available.

A trolley/dolly to wheel a boat to the water by hand is also for sale.

Car roof racks

The carbon fibre craft are naturally lightweight, so carrying one on the roof of a car is possible. The company website sells roof racks and roof cradles for transporting a boat in this way.

Other items

Little River Marine offer a boat lock, designed to act like a bike lock to secure your boat to a car roof rack when in transit.

The company manufactures rear view mirrors that fit securely to the boat. They also sell the JL Racing gel seat pads via their own website.

Replacement parts

The company website offers a complete range of replacement parts for their entire range of craft.


There are several distributors based in the US, as well as one in Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico and the Virgin Islands. See the distributors page on the company website [1] for a complete list.

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