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Sons of the Thames Rowing Club

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Sons of the Thames Rowing Club
Location Linden House, Hammersmith
Founded 1886
Home Water River Thames
Affiliations British Rowing

Founded 126 years ago, Sons has adapted well to a modern day environment where work and family responsibilities can restrict the amount of time members spend training.

A flexible approach helps members get the most from their rowing whatever level they are at. Qualification for Henley is usually the aim of our top crews, both male and female. Indeed a Sons women's coxed four won the Frank Harry Cup at Henley in 2010. These members usually train the hardest and earn the right to use the best equipment. They will also probably receive the most coaching time.


Recent successes and developments

Learn to Row Course 2012: Runs for six weeks from Wednesday July 11th. More on our website [1]

Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant 2012:

A Sons crew was one of 1000 boats in the river pageant. A mixed crew wore period costume to reflect both the traditions of the event and the club's origins in the nineteenth century.

Head of the River Race 2012:

  • 166th place, Sons of the Thames I, 00:19:46.10
  • 238th place, Sons of the Thames II, 00:20:13.74

Marlow Regatta Saturday Finals 2012:

  • 6th place, IM2 4-

An inclusive approach

That said, we are not race-focussed to the exclusion of participative rowing, or lower level competition. Beginners are welcomed on our Learn to Row course, and will usually compete at first in local Tideway regattas. At the time of writing (May 2012) a women's coxed four, all of whom came to the club through the Learn to Row course have just won their novices race - one of five wins for the club in the Bourne@Chiswick Regatta. Today at the Chiswick Regatta their male equivalents were only narrowly beaten and look set to lose their novice status soon. All the new novices raced in eights during the Head season and have continued to receive good support from our coaches after the Learn to Row course ended.

There are also active veterans squads and a number of single scullers who compete on their own terms, and train when they can.

The coaching team

Our coaches are mentored by John McArthur, formerly the Scottish national coach and author of the book High Performance Rowing. Over the last three years John has helped raise the standard of coaching at the club. This has helped Sons achieve significant racing successes particularly on the Tideway, despite having fewer than 100 active members.

Our base at Linden House

The club shares Linden House in Hammersmith with the London Corinthian Sailing Club. This spacious Georgian merchant's house generates revenue for both clubs through social and business functions, helping to support both clubs financially and allowing us to offer the lowest, unsubsidised fees on the Tideway.


If you have rowed before it's likely we'll be able to fit you into a squad right away. Perhaps you are moving on from a university boat club or returning to the sport after bringing up children or some busy years at work? Get in touch and let's talk about where you could fit in.

Learn to row with Sons

If you haven't rowed before why not join our Learn to Row course which we hold each summer?

Single scullers

We currently have one or two racks available for single sculls. If you are looking for a base you could get both a rack and full membership for less than the membership cost of some Tideway clubs.


Apart from one or two clubs that are owned by a commercial organisations, we have the lowest membership rates on the Tideway.

Full membership: £340 pa Under 23s: £240 pa Student: £170 pa Social and coxes: £50 pa Single scull rack: £210 pa Double scull rack: £310


Men's squad The mens' squad is focussed on racing and competitive success. There are two outings on both Saturday and Sunday with ergo and weight sessions in the week. During summer these are replaced with additional on the water outings. The squad includes over 20 athletes. Qualification for Henley is a key aim, as is a top 100 finish in the Eights Head of the River Race.

Women's squad After the retirement from competition of our Henley winning crew, the women's squad is rebuilding. Training is slanted towards technique and competition at IM3 and Novice level, but the longer term aims are similar to the men.

Men's Masters The men's masters squad contains members with a huge amount of rowing experience. Members continue to compete, particularly in the winter head races on the Tideway. Five members of the squad competed in singles in the 2011 Sculler's Head. The best veteran finishing 121st.

Women's Masters The Women’s Masters group (or Vetettes as we like to call ourselves) are a flexible bunch of like minded ladies. We row every Saturday or Sunday morning 10-12 (and at other times if we're feeling keen/it suits people better). We go out in fours, quads, pairs, doubles and singles, so try to mix it up a bit. It's very accommodating as we try to work around people's individual timetables and rowing aims. We're a social group, so outings are often followed by brunch in a local cafe/pub. We also enter head races and regattas, when availability permits and the desire is there!


The club's fleet includes boats of all classes. The top crews mostly row Stampflis.

There are weight training facilities in our own gym at Linden House, and thanks to a reciprocal arrangement with Latymer School we are able to use their well-equipped ergometer roon.

Linden House, which we share with London Corinthian Sailing Club, offers a private members' bar, as well as many other rooms for committee meetings, crew briefings and social events such as the Christmas party.


The club is funded by members' fees. A "capitation fee" goes towards the maintenance of Linden House. However the revenue that the building generates keeps fees relatively low.


We have recently had a summer "scratch regatta" as a social, and to simulate the tension of side by side racing ahead of the regatta season. There is also a Christmas party and fund-raising events such as wine-tasting and quiz nights. These may be held with London Corinthian Sailing Club.


Sons of the Thames RC is run by a committee. It's important to realise that all the work of the club is done by its members. There are no paid employees so everyone needs to contribute to the running of the club, be it in boat repair, administration or generating online content such as this.


Founded in 1886, the club has a rich history. We are currently expanding this area of the website Sons Historyand adding some old black and white photographs.

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