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Thames Valley Park Rowing Club's regatta was first known as the Reading Working Men's Regatta from its inaugural year in 1877. The club continues the tradition, although distinctions are no longer made based on trade. (read more)

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We're focusing the spotlight on rowing apps - we've got ratemeter apps, log book apps, timekeeping apps, coaching apps, rigging apps, adjustment apps, everything you might need!

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With honourable mentions to Aurum clothing, City of Cambridge Rowing Club, Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club, Chester University Rowing Club, Essex University Rowing Club.

WikiAthletic is coming to a regatta near you via your smart phone; check club information quickly and easily on your mobile, optimised for a smaller screen. Look up the club colours and spot your opposition. Find out where they train and see where they've travelled from, read about the coach and the club's recent successes. Get all of this information from the river bank.

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