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WikiAthletic an open-source, collaborative rowing resource. When you contribute to this site, you're adding to a body of knowledge that is freely available for anyone to use and share. If you like the sound of this, we're looking for people to come on board as admins, editors, experts and writers so get in touch if you think this could be you.

We're making use of Mediawiki software, also powering sites such as Wikitravel and the ubiquitous Wikipedia. Using this, we can create a dynamic and inclusive directory to serve as a point-of-departure for whatever you're looking for.

We've called ourselves WikiAthletic as the word 'rowing' varies from country to country (rudern, aviron, roeien, arrauna, veslanje, canottaggio, remo), whereas 'athletic' is familiar in many languages.

We show ads on our pages to help us cover the costs of running the site. This hasn't happened yet... So if you have ideas for funding this project, then do get in touch!