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About Wiki Athletic

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website that anyone can freely edit in their web browser. In comparison, conventional websites can only be edited by their administrators using special web editing software or a content management system. A wiki is simple and approachable, placing you in the seat of web editor.

Is Wiki Athletic a branch of Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation?

No, we are not related to or endorsed by these organisations. We simply use the same Mediawiki software, also used by many other wiki sites.

Who owns Wiki Athletic?

Wiki Athletic can be edited by anyone who has signed up to the site. According to the CC-BY-SA licence, they are the authors of the text and so the articles are free content which can be reproduced freely under the same licence. For further information on this, read Wiki Athletic:Copyright.

Can anyone contribute to this website?

Yes - wikis rely upon a large number of people contributing a small amount of knowledge each. Wiki Athletic requires all editors to create an account and log in. Creating an account is free, it allows you to remain anonymous and takes seconds - doing this helps us to police the site against spammers and malicious use. Click here to create an account.

We strongly encourage users to make corrections, mend broken web links and add information where none is given. Contribute your knowledge and help to develop this resource for everyone.

If anyone can edit, then can anyone insert false information?

Some users will undoubtedly contribute in good faith a piece of information that turns out to be incorrect. To avoid this happening, please remember to double-check any information that you yourself are submitting, and add references where appropriate.

If you spot something that is misleading or wrong, then please correct it yourself or report the problem by email to Wiki Athletic if you are unable to.

What is the purpose of Wiki Athletic?

To collect and collate information, facts and resources useful and of interest to the wider sporting community.

How is Wiki Athletic different from Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a good online resource for rowers but it is firmly and unashamedly an encyclopaedia. Whilst Wiki Athletic does contain some encyclopaedic content, it is not only limited to this. It is also a database of suppliers, services, coaches, books, resources and anything of interest to the rower. Rowing is a niche subject and a smaller, specific wiki such as this one will be more adaptable without many of the guidelines that make Wikipedia what it is. Wikipedia is written for rowers and non-rowers alike, and so the content will undoubtedly differ.

The information concerning my rowing club/business/event is wrong. Can I alter it?

Yes. We all appreciate it when people contribute their own knowledge to the site. Wikis rely upon many people contributing a small amount of knowledge each. Start by creating an account and visiting the Help:Editing page.

How do you prevent defacement or vandalism?

We take anything of an offensive or libellous nature very seriously. Wikipedia relies upon hundreds of people spending a little time reviewing the Recent changes page, which is something we encourage those that want to support the project to do on Wiki Athletic. The Mediawiki software automatically stores page histories, so offending new edits can be reverted very quickly.

If you see something wrong, then please do not ignore it. Editing pages is by design very easy (see Help:Editing).

How big is Wiki Athletic?

Wiki Athletic contains 1,416 articles. The Mediawiki software is capable of hosting a much greater number of pages (the English language Wikipedia currently hosts 3.9 million articles, for example), so we welcome new pages and categories relevant to our users. Contact us with any suggestions.

Getting involved

If you'd like to donate a little of your time to this project, there's plenty of ways to get involved.

Can I edit pages?

Yes, if you have particular knowledge on a subject then please share your expertise.

I have a little time to help Wiki Athletic. What can I do?

Wikipedia relies upon hundreds of people spending a little time reviewing the Recent changes page, which is something we encourage those that want to support the project to do on Wiki Athletic. This helps us to check and verify changes to pages, and to flag up vandalism.

What shall I write about?

For a list of wanted articles, visit Wanted pages found in Special pages. This is an automatically-generated list of pages that have been referred to in other article pages. The normal page editing guidelines apply; your time and knowledge will be much appreciated by the Wiki Athletic community.